bury verb

1 dead person

PHRASES be dead and buried Those people are now all dead and buried. (figurative) Their ambitions were finally dead and buried. | bury sb alive

2 hide in the ground

ADV. deep | underground The waste is buried deep underground.

3 cover

ADV. completely a fallen tree trunk almost completely buried in the long grass

PHRASES be buried alive The miners were buried alive when the tunnel collapsed. | be/get buried beneath/under sth The building was now buried under three metres of soil. Your letter got buried under a pile of papers.

4 put sth deeply into sth

ADV. deep/deeply He slumped forward, the knife buried deep in his chest. (figurative) her deeply buried pain

PHRASES lie/remain buried (often figurative) The king is dead and lies buried at Jedburgh Abbey. What secrets lie buried in the past?

You can also check other dicts: bury (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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