bus noun

ADJ. regular There are regular buses to the city centre. | double-decker, open-topped | last I missed the last bus and had to walk. | airport, local, school, sightseeing, tourist

VERB + BUS go by, go on, take, travel by, use | wait for I waited 40 minutes for a bus. | run for I left work a bit late and had to run for my bus. | catch, get | miss | board, get on/onto | get off | drive

BUS + VERB go, run Local buses run regularly to and from the nearest town. | arrive, come | pull up, stop The bus pulled up and we got on. The buses stop outside the post office. | pick sb up The double-decker bus stopped to pick up some more passengers. | go from, leave (from) Buses leave from here every hour or so. | carry sb a bus carrying 56 passengers

BUS + NOUN times, timetable Look up the bus times in the local timetable. | route | lane | depot, shelter, station, stop | queue | journey a short bus journey to work | conductor, driver, passenger | fare | pass, ticket | company, service

PREP. by ~ It's about 15 minutes away by bus. | on a/the ~ people travelling on buses | ~ for Is this the bus for Oxford? | ~ from, ~ to We took the bus from Reading to Bristol.

You can also check other dicts: bus (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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