campaign noun

ADJ. big, huge, major, massive | lengthy, long, long-running, sustained | brief | effective, successful | unsuccessful | determined, intensive, strong, vigorous | bitter, fierce, vicious | concerted, orchestrated a carefully orchestrated campaign against striking workers | joint | official, public | local, international, national, nationwide, worldwide | one-man/one-woman, personal She has fought a one-woman campaign for ten years about the lack of childcare provision in the town. | election, electoral, leadership, political, presidential, re-election, referendum | advertising, marketing, promotional, sales | propaganda, publicity, public relations | media, poster, press, television/TV | anti-corruption, anti-drug, anti-smoking, etc. | protest | awareness a health awareness campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle | lobbying | fund-raising | literacy | recruitment | air, bombing, guerrilla, military the terrorists' bombing campaign | hate, terror/terrorist | dirty tricks, smear, whispering Her political opponenta ran a whispering campaign against her.

VERB + CAMPAIGN launch, mount, start The company launched a huge advertising campaign. | conduct, fight, organize, run, wage People have criticized the way in which she conducted her election campaign. | lead, manage, spearhead She led a successful campaign against the closure of the library. | take part in | intensify, step up The government has intensified the military campaign against the rebels.

CAMPAIGN + VERB begin, get underway, start The general election campaign gets underway today. | be aimed at sb/sth a concerted campaign aimed at educating young people about the dangers of drugs | aim to The campaign aims to inform the public of the dangers of this disease. | call for sth, demand sth | fail to The campaign failed to achieve its objectives.

CAMPAIGN + NOUN manager, team | strategy | issue Education has become an important campaign issue. | trail election candidates on the campaign trail (= travelling around the country campaigning)

PREP. during a/the ~ They met regularly during the campaign. | ~ against a fierce campaign against hunting | ~ by the political campaign by the Labour Party | ~ for the campaign for racial equality

PHRASES a plan of campaign After sliding in the opinion polls, the party had to rethink its plan of campaign.

campaign verb

ADV. actively, hard, strongly, tirelessly, vigorously We will campaign hard for an end to the ivory trade. | effectively, successfully Local people have successfully campaigned against the building. | openly, publicly

PREP. against Local communities are campaigning against the dumping of toxic waste. | for We have campaigned for better rural transport. | on The group campaigns on a range of environmental issues. | on behalf of campaigning on behalf of the British consumer

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