can noun

ADJ. metal, tin | rusty | food The floor was littered with rusty food cans. | 300g, 250ml, 11oz, etc. a 200g can of tuna | beer, coke | jerry, petrol | oil | paint | watering | aerosol, spray

VERB + CAN come in This special type of milk comes in a can. | open We opened a can of sardines for lunch. | drain, empty She drained her can of beer and threw it away. He emptied a can of beans into the pan. | drink, sip at | fill He was filling a jerry can with petrol from the pump. | recycle

CAN + NOUN opener (also can-opener)

PREP. in a/the ~ | ~ of cans of oil

You can also check other dicts: can (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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