carpet noun

1 material for covering floors

ADJ. deep-pile, soft, thick | threadbare, worn | patterned, plain | woven | oriental, Persian | fitted, wall-to-wall | flying, magic | red (figurative) I didn't expect to get the red carpet treatment (= be treated like an important person).

QUANT. roll

VERB + CARPET make, weave | fit, lay I'm having the carpets fitted today. | roll back/up, take up | beat

CARPET + NOUN design | tile The grey vinyl floor gave way to carpet tiles. | fitter | cleaner, sweeper

PREP. on a/the ~ The cat curled up on the carpet.

2 thick layer of sth that covers the ground

ADJ. deep, thick

VERB + CARPET form The leaves formed a carpet under the trees.

PREP. ~ of a deep carpet of snow

You can also check other dicts: carpet (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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