cart noun

1 vehicle pulled by animals

ADJ. heavy | bullock, donkey, horse-drawn, ox | farm

VERB + CART drive | draw, pull | ride in | climb off/on/onto, get off/on/onto | load, unload

CART + VERB roll | creak, lumber The cart creaked on up the street. | carry sth

CART + NOUN track

PREP. by ~ In the old days coal supplies came by cart. | in a/the ~ She brought the vegetables in an ox cart. | on/onto a/the ~ piling their furniture onto a cart

PHRASES the back of a cart Jump in the back of my cart. | a horse/pony and cart

2 small vehicle

ADJ. golf, hand, ice-cream

VERB + CART push, trundle, wheel a man wheeling an ice-cream cart along | drive driving a golf cart

You can also check other dicts: cart (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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