centre noun

1 middle point/part of sth

ADJ. dead, very We've bought a flat in the very centre of Cambridge. | city, town | soft chocolates with soft centres

PREP. at the ~ (of) at the centre of the universe | in the ~ (of) a museum in the centre of Birmingham

PHRASES the centre of the city, the centre of (the) town

2 important place for sth

ADJ. important, leading, main, major, nerve (figurative) the economic nerve centre of Germany | international, local, national, regional, world | commercial, cultural, economic, financial, industrial, trading, urban London is one of the main financial centres of the world.

PREP. ~ for The university is a major centre for scientific research.

PHRASES a centre of excellence (= a place where a particular kind of work is done well), a centre of government/population/power 3 the centre moderate political position

CENTRE + NOUN party | ground a party that occupies the centre ground of British politics

PHRASES left/right of centre Politically, she is slightly left of centre.

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