chaos noun

ADJ. absolute, complete, total, utter | general | administrative, domestic, economic, financial, political, social, traffic

VERB + CHAOS bring, cause, create, lead to A serious road accident caused traffic chaos yesterday. | end in, result in The game ended in chaos. | be plunged/thrown into, descend/slide into The country is sliding into economic chaos. | face | avert, avoid

CHAOS + VERB break out, ensue Chaos broke out when the fire started. I lost my bag in the ensuing chaos. | reign, rule The government collapsed and chaos reigned.

PREP. in ~ The airport was in chaos during the strike.

PHRASES on/to the brink of chaos The country was brought to the brink of chaos. | order out of chaos His brave leadership has created order out of chaos. | a route to chaos, a scene of chaos Doctors worked day and night amid scenes of utter chaos. | a state of chaos

You can also check other dicts: chaos (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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