cheque noun

ADJ. large | blank | bad, dud, forged | crossed, post-dated, signed | personal | giro, pay, traveller's

VERB + CHEQUE issue, make out, sign, write (out), write sb Shall I make the cheque out to you? Can I write you a cheque? | draw He drew a large cheque on his company's account. | make payable Cheques should be made payable to Toyland plc. | give sb, hand sb, hand over | deposit, pay in She deposited the cheque in her husband's account. I've got to go to the bank to pay this cheque in. | pay by | cash I'll cash a traveller's cheque at the bank. | accept Does the restaurant accept cheques? | clear, honour, pass He was sacked for passing bad cheques. | bounce | cancel, stop | endorse

CHEQUE + VERB bounce The cheque will bounce if your salary doesn't reach your account today.

CHEQUE + NOUN account | (guarantee) card Cheques must be supported by a cheue guarantee card. | book, stub

PREP. ~ for a cheque for ten pounds

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