claim noun

1 statement saying that sth is true

ADJ. false, unfounded, unsubstantiated | conflicting There are conflicting claims about the cause of the fire. | absurd, astonishing, extravagant, grandiose

VERB + CLAIM make The company had made false claims about its products. I make no claim to understand modern art. | accept They accepted her claim that she had been ill-treated. | challenge | deny, dismiss, dispute, reject Claims of a cover-up were dismissed. | back up, substantiate, support They were able to produce witnesses to support their claim. | investigate

PREP. ~ about to investigate claims about appalling prison conditions | ~ of Claims of corruption within the police force were denied.

2 demand for sth

ADJ. large, small | excessive excessive wage claims | legal, legitimate | bogus, fraudulent Police are investigating fraudulent claims for fire damage. | accident, compensation, damage/damages, insurance, pay, wage | civil to file a civil claim for damages

VERB + CLAIM bring, file, lodge, make, put forward/in, submit She brought a claim for damages against the company. | drop, waive, withdraw | investigage | allow, uphold His claim for compensation was upheld in court. | dismiss | win | meet, pay, settle We will need extra funds to meet all the insurance claims.

CLAIM + VERB arise claims arising out of accidents at work | fail The claim failed because the company had not been misled.


PREP. ~ against claims against the company for breach of contract | ~ for a claim for compensation | ~ on to make a claim on your insurance policy I have many claims on my time.

3 right to have sth

ADJ. good, strong | competing, rival competing claims for public money | prior She had a prior claim on his affections. | moral | territorial

VERB + CLAIM have He has a good claim to the land. | assert, lay, press, stake Four men laid claim to leadership of the country. to stake a claim to some of the prize money | establish, prove You will have to prove your claim to the property in a court of law. | relinquish, renounce, withdraw

PREP. ~ on His children have a claim on his estate. | ~ to She renounced her claim to the property.

claim verb

1 say that sth is true

ADV. justifiably, rightfully, rightly | falsely, wrongly The company had falsely claimed that its products were biodegradable.

VERB + CLAIM attempt to, try to He tried to claim that he had acted in self-defence.

2 ask for sth you think you have a right to have

ADV. back You can claim back some of the cost of your treatment.

VERB + CLAIM be able to, be entitled to, can/could You might be entitled to claim compensation if you are injured at work. | attempt to, try to

PREP. on Can't you claim on your insurance?

You can also check other dicts: claim (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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