clean adj.

VERBS be, look, seem, smell The room smelled clean and fresh. | stay The bathroom doesn't stay clean for long. | brush sth, get sth, scrape sth, scrub sth, wipe sth scrubbing the floor to get it clean She wiped all the surfaces clean. | leave sth Please leave the kitchen clean. | keep sth You're supposed to keep your room clean.

ADV. extremely, very | spotlessly The whole house was spotlessly clean. | almost, nearly It's almost clean. I've just got to wipe the table. | fairly, pretty, quite

PHRASES clean and tidy Is your room clean and tidy now? | lovely and clean The water was lovely and clean.

clean verb

ADV. effectively, well This product cleans baths very effectively. | properly, thoroughly I clean the house thoroughly once a week. | carefully, gently He gently cleaned the wound and dressed it. | out, up I cleaned out all the cupboards.

PREP. off I cleaned the mud off the kitchen floor. | with Clean the glass with a soft cloth.

PHRASES need cleaning Your shoes need cleaning!

You can also check other dicts: clean (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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