clear adj.

1 easy to understand

VERBS be, seem | become | make sth | find sth

ADV. abundantly, extremely, very | crystal, perfectly, quite You've got to make your intentions crystal clear to them. | by no means, not entirely, not quite It wasn't entirely clear whether she wanted us to help. | fairly, pretty, reasonably

PREP. to It was clear to us that there was a problem.

2 sure/certain


ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, quite

PREP. about She was quite clear about her reasons for leaving. | on Are you clear on that point?

3 easy to see/hear

VERBS be, look | become

ADV. extremely, very The photograph wasn't very clear. | fairly, pretty, reasonably

4 easy to see through

VERBS be | become

ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, completely | fairly, reasonably The water was fairly clear.

5 free from things that are blocking the way

VERBS be, look, seem | remain, stay | keep sth Make sure you keep all gutters and drainpipes clear of leaves.

ADV. completely | fairly, pretty, reasonably

PREP. of The roads are reasonably clear of snow.

clear verb

1 remove sth that is not wanted/needed

ADV. completely, totally The site must be completely cleared and made safe for children. | partially | hastily, quickly She hastily cleared a space for him to sit down. | away Can you clear away all your toys now?

PREP. from They cleared the mud from the steps. | of We cleared the path of leaves. | off Clear those papers off the desk.

2 your head/mind

ADV. suddenly His face suddenly cleared as understanding dawned.

VERB + CLEAR try to I went for a walk to try to clear my head. | help (to) Correct breathing helps to clear the mind and reduce tension.

3 prove sb innocent

ADV. formally The three defendants were formally cleared by the judge.

PREP. of Four men accused of assault have been cleared of all charges.

You can also check other dicts: clear (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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