close adj.

1 near

VERBS be | draw, get She grew increasingly nervous as the date of the audition drew closer. | keep, stay Keep close to me.

ADV. extremely, very | fairly, quite | together Their birthdays are very close together.

PREP. to Get close to the microphone.

2 friendly and loving

VERBS be, feel, seem The two sisters seemed very close. | become, grow After the death of their parents the two children grew very close. | remain

ADV. very | quite

PREP. to He was quite close to his older brother.

close noun

VERB + CLOSE bring sth to The chairperson brought the meeting to a close. | come to, draw to The decade drew to a close with the threat of war hanging over Europe.

PREP. at/by/towards the ~ of At the close of trading, he had lost thousands of pounds on the stock market.

close verb

1 door, book, eyes, etc.

ADV. firmly, tightly He closed the door firmly.

2 shop, business, road, etc.

ADV. permanently, temporarily | down, off, up That factory's been closed down now.

PREP. to The museum has been temporarily closed to the public.

You can also check other dicts: close (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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