coffee noun

ADJ. strong | weak | black, dark a mug of strong black coffee | milky, white She drinks very milky coffee with lots of sugar. | frothy | sugary, sweet | bitter | hot, steaming a pot of piping hot coffee He brought in two mugs of steaming coffee. | lukewarm, tepid | cold | iced | fresh The others will be back soon?I'll go and make some fresh coffee. | excellent, expensive, good | decaffeinated | ersatz | filter, percolated, real | instant Would you like real or instant coffee? | Irish (= with whiskey added), Turkish (= very strong, black and sweet)

QUANT. cup, mug, pot

VERB + COFFEE drink Do you drink coffee? | have I had two coffees while I waited. | take ‘How do you take your coffee?’ ‘Milk, no sugar, thanks.’ | sip, take a mouthful/sip of He took a sip of his coffee. | drain, drink up, finish | stir | pour (sb) | go for Let's go for a coffee when you've finished your essay. | brew, make freshly-brewed coffee I'll make some coffee for breakfast. | grind a packet of freshly-ground coffee

COFFEE + VERB get/go cold | be laced with sth coffee laced with cognac

COFFEE + NOUN cup, mug | machine, percolator, pot | dregs | break

PREP. in your ~ I have milk but no sugar in my coffee.

PHRASES an aroma/a smell of coffee An inviting smell of coffee wafted into the room. | coffee-making facilities Tea and coffee-making facilities are available in the kitchen.

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