cold adj.

1 not hot or warm

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, get, grow, turn As evening fell it got very cold. The room grew cold. In January it turned very cold. | make sb/sth The rain overnight had made the water cold. | keep sth Use ice to keep the drinks cold.

ADV. bitterly, extremely, freezing, ice-, icy, terribly, very It's bitterly cold outside. There was a freezing cold wind. an ice-cold beer | fairly, quite, rather

2 not cooked/having become cold after cooking

VERBS be | get, go Your dinner's getting cold. I'm afraid the coffee's gone cold. | eat sth, serve sth Bake in the oven for twenty minutes. Serve hot or cold.

ADV. stone This soup is stone cold!

cold noun

1 lack of heat; low temperature

ADJ. biting, bitter, extreme, freezing

VERB + COLD feel I don't feel the cold as badly as many people. | keep out The house has double glazing to keep out the cold. | be blue with, be numb with My hands were blue with cold.

PREP. against the ~ We were well wrapped up against the cold. | out in the ~ He stood out in the cold and waited. (figurative) When the coalition was formed the Liberals were left out in the cold (= were not invited to join it).

2 common illness

ADJ. bad, heavy, nasty She won her match despite suffering from a heavy cold. | slight | common When will they find a cure for the common cold? | chest, head

VERB + COLD have, nurse, suffer from Jim stayed at home because he was nursing a cold. | catch, go down with, take I must have caught a cold on the bus. If you stay out in the rain you'll catch cold! He took cold, developed pneumonia, and that was the end of him. > Special page at ILLNESS

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