colour noun

PREP. off ~ (= looking or feeling ill)

1 quality that makes sth red, etc.

3 interesting or exciting details

ADJ. bold, bright, brilliant, vivid,

ADJ. local a journalist in search of a vibrant | dark, deep Dark colours bit of local colour suit you best. | intense, rich,

VERB + COLOUR add, give sth, lend strong the intense colour of new His asides lent colour to the story. leaves | light, muted, pale,

PHRASES full of colour pastel, soft, subdued, subtle | dull | garish, gaudy, loud, lurid | autumn/autumnal, earthy, warm | sombre | attractive, beautiful, lovely | complementary, contrasting | matching | basic | primary, secondary | indeterminate, neutral | natural | blue, red, etc. The curtains went a strange orange colour when we washed them. | eye, hair, skin What is her natural hair colour?

QUANT. dash, flash, splash | mass, riot The garden is a riot of colour in spring. | spot, touch

VERB + COLOUR change The chameleon changes colour to match its surroundings. | add The silk cushions add colour to an otherwise dull room.

COLOUR + VERB match (sth) | clash | fade | run This colour runs, so wash the shirt separately.

COLOUR + NOUN combination, range, scheme We have to choose a colour scheme for the dining room. | illustration, photograph, photography, printing, reproduction | monitor, television

PREP. in ~ The flowers are pale blue in colour. Is the film in colour or black and white? The book is lavishly illustrated in full colour. | in a ~ The scarf is available in six different colours.

PHRASES a combination/range of colours2 redness in the face

ADJ. heightened, high You could tell she was excited by the heightened colour in her cheeks. | faint

VERB + COLOUR have You have a bit more colour in your cheeks now. | bring The walk brought colour to her face. | be drained of, drain of, lose His face drained of all colour.

COLOUR + VERB flood sth, rise Colour flooded her cheeks. The colour rose in his face. | drain The colour drained from her face when she saw him. | come back, return Gradually the colour returned to his cheeks.

colour verb

ADV. heavily, strongly His opinions are heavily coloured by his own experiences. | naturally

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