commitment noun

1 willingness to give time/energy to sth

ADJ. absolute, complete, full, total | clear, deep, firm, genuine, great, passionate, real, serious, strong | continued, continuing, increased, increasing, lifelong, long-term, ongoing | general, open-ended | government, personal, professional, public | emotional, ideological, moral, political, religious

QUANT. degree, level

VERB + COMMITMENT give, make The prime minister made a firm commitment to increasing spending on health. | demonstrate, display, show to demonstrate a commitment to human rights | lack | affirm, reaffirm | require Learning to play the violin requires strong commitment. | gain The government has managed to gain the commitment of employers to the scheme.

PREP. ~ on The government avoided giving any commitments on pensions. | ~ to his lifelong commitment to the socialist cause

PHRASES a lack of commitment

2 a responsibility

ADJ. big, considerable, major | binding | prior | international, overseas | business, domestic, family, financial, military, social, teaching, work

VERB + COMMITMENT have, take on I don't want to take on any more commitments. | fulfil, honour, meet She can't meet her financial commitments. | get out of, wriggle out of He is trying to wriggle out of his various domestic commitments.

PREP. ~ on to honour commitments on reduction of air pollution

3 agreeing to use money/time/people for sth

ADJ. heavy a heavy commitment of capital

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