competition noun

1 event in which people try to win sth

ADJ. international, national | knock-out | dancing, piano, sporting, etc.

VERB + COMPETITION win She won an international dancing competition. | lose | have, hold, stage We're going to have a competition to see who can swim the furthest. | enter, take part in | withdraw from

COMPETITION + VERB take place | be open to sb The competition is open to all readers of the magazine

PREP. in a/the ~ I won the car in a competition. | ~ between a competition between the best teams in the country | ~ for a competition for the best chef

2 trying to achieve the same thing/gain an advantage

ADJ. cut-throat, fierce, intense, keen, serious, severe, stiff, strong, tough intense competition for the contract | direct Public transport is run in direct competition with the private sector. | fair, free, healthy, open | domestic | foreign, global, international, overseas | economic

VERB + COMPETITION be up against, face | go into to go into competition with British Telecom | beat off, fight off to fight off competition from foreign firms

PREP. against ~ They won the order against fierce international competition. | in ~ with We are in competition with some very large companies. | in the face of ~ The gas companies are having to lay off staff in the face of stiff competition from oil. | ~ among/between There is a lot of competition between rival airlines. | ~ for, ~ from We face strong competition from other countries.

You can also check other dicts: competition (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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