compliment noun

1 expression of praise

ADJ. great, higher/highest, tremendous To listen to someone is the greatest compliment you can pay. | pretty | unexpected | backhanded, double-edged, dubious In a backhanded compliment she said he looked very good for his age.

VERB + COMPLIMENT pay sb | mean sth as Please don't misunderstand me?I meant it as a compliment. | get, receive | accept, acknowledge She acknowledged their compliments with a big smile. | regard sth as, take sth as I'll take that as a compliment. | fish for She's always fishing for compliments about her looks. | repay, return He returned her compliment by saying how well she looked.

PREP. ~ on She received several compliments on her speech. | ~ to If Mark's wearing a suit, that'll be a compliment to you!

2 your compliments: good wishes

VERB + COMPLIMENT give sb, present (sb with), send sb Please give my compliments to your wife.

COMPLIMENT + NOUN slip The only enclosure was a formal compliments slip from the accounts department.

PREP. with sb's ~ (= free) All guests will receive a bottle of champagne with our compliments. | ~ to my compliments to the chef (= to show that you like a particular dish)

You can also check other dicts: compliment (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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