compound noun

1 chemical

ADJ. chemical Scientists have produced a new chemical compound. | inorganic, organic | synthetic | molecular, simple Dalton believed that the simplest compound of two elements must have one atom of each. | active, dangerous, potent, toxic, volatile | carbon, iron, etc.

VERB + COMPOUND form, produce At the right temperature, the chemicals will form a compound.

COMPOUND + VERB contain sth | be derived from sth, derive from sth, be found in sth, occur compounds derived from rainforest plants

PREP. ~ of a compound of oxygen and hydrogen

2 area of land and buildings

ADJ. palace, prison, military | walled, secure Police are investigating a raid on a secure compound.

PREP. in/inside a/the ~ life inside the prison compound

You can also check other dicts: compound (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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