concern noun

1 feeling of worry

ADJ. considerable, deep, grave, great, major, serious | growing, mounting | common, widespread | national, public public concern about increased taxes

VERB + CONCERN feel He felt some concern for her safety. | express, show, voice | cause The lack of firefighting equipment has caused concern.

PREP. in sb's ~ She forgot her own worries in her concern for him. | out of ~ | ~ about/over She expressed her deep concern about conditions at the factory. | ~ for Out of concern for her health, we suggested she take a week off work.

PHRASES be of (no) concern to sb Increased use of drugs is of great concern to parents. | (a) cause for concern The president's health is giving serious cause for concern. | a lack of concern I was surprised by her lack of concern. | a matter of concern Stress at work is a matter of concern to staff and management.

2 sth that worries/affects you

ADJ. chief, main, major, overriding, paramount, primary What are your main concerns as a writer? | common a common concern for new parents

PHRASES be none of sb's concern How much we paid is none of your concern.

concern verb

1 affect/involve

ADV. directly

PREP. in Everyone who was directly concerned in (= had some responsibility for) the incident has now resigned.

2 worry sb

ADV. a lot, really It really concerns me that he doesn't eat properly. | slightly

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