conflict noun

1 fight/argument

ADJ. big, great, major | bitter, serious, violent | growing, increasing | constant, continued, continuing, unresolved He is in constant conflict with the authorities. | open, overt | global, internal, regional | armed, military | civil, class, cultural, ethnic, family, industrial, political, social, religious

VERB + CONFLICT bring sb/sth into, cause, come into, create, lead to, provoke His work brought him into conflict with more conventional scientists. The decision led to a bitter conflict between the management and unions. | avert, avoid, prevent They hid their feelings to avoid conflict. | handle | end, resolve, settle, solve The United Nations are hoping to resolve the conflict quickly.

CONFLICT + VERB arise (from sth), occur The conflict arose from different ambitions within the team.

PREP. during/in a/the ~ Thousands have been arrested in violent ethnic conflicts in the region. | in ~ They found themselves in conflict over the future of the firm. | in ~ with in conflict with management | ~ about/over a conflict over ownership of the land | ~ between conflicts between different ethnic groups | ~ with to end the conflict with France | ~ within serious conflicts within the ruling party

PHRASES an area/a source of conflict, in direct conflict with sb

2 difference between ideas/wishes, etc.

ADJ. fundamental, serious, sharp | direct | inherent the inherent conflict between the demands of farmers and wishes of environmentalists | inner | ideological

CONFLICT + NOUN situation | management, resolution the key to successful conflict management

PREP. in ~ with in direct conflict with his wishes | ~ between the conflict between science and religion | ~ of a serious conflict of opinion

PHRASES a conflict of interests/loyalties

conflict verb

ADV. apparently how to reconcile apparently conflicting goals | potentially potentially conflicting values

PREP. with His opinions conflicted with mine.

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