conscience noun

ADJ. clear, easy, good I have a clear conscience. | bad, guilty, terrible, troubled, uneasy | civic, moral, political, social a government with no social conscience

VERB + CONSCIENCE have He had no conscience about taking his brother's money. | appease, ease, salve, soothe After the feast she spent a week dieting to salve her conscience. | prick, trouble | appeal to, arouse, rouse, stir | wrestle with He wrestled with his conscience all night long.

CONSCIENCE + VERB trouble sb Her conscience was troubling her a little. | dictate sth My conscience dictates that I resign.

PREP. on your ~ I'm sure she has something on her conscience. It was on his conscience that he hadn't called her.

PHRASES a crisis of conscience, freedom of conscience, in (all/good) conscience (= honestly) We cannot in all conscience refuse to help. | a matter of conscience This question is a matter of individual conscience. | a pang/prick/twinge of conscience I had a sudden pang of conscience that I really ought to tell the truth. | the voice of conscience She refused to listen to the voice of conscience.

You can also check other dicts: conscience (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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