constitution noun

1 laws/rules of a country

ADJ. federal, state | codified, written Britain does not have a written constitution. | unwritten | draft, proposed | interim

VERB + CONSTITUTION draft, draw up, prepare plans to draft a new constitution | have | adopt, approve, enact, promulgate, ratify The new constitution will be adopted next year. | amend Parliament will vote to amend the constitution. | contravene, violate The president's actions violate the constitution. | suspend The constitution was suspended and the army was placed in full control. | be enshrined in These principles are enshrined in the country's constitution.

CONSTITUTION + VERB forbid sth, guarantee sth, stipulate sth The constitution stipulated that a general election must be held within 120 days.

PREP. according to/under a/the ~ Under the constitution, an election must be called every five years. | in a/the ~ These rights are established in the federal constitution.

PHRASES an amendment to a constitution, a clause in a constitution, the principles of a constitution, the provisions/terms of a constitution

2 ability of the body to stay healthy

ADJ. good, strong | weak

VERB + CONSTITUTION have The child had a weak constitution and was always ill.

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