consumption noun

ADJ. heavy, high the country with the highest fuel consumption in the world | low | average | overall, total | excessive | conspicuous (= buying expensive goods in order to impress people and show how rich you are) | annual, daily Annual consumption of wine has risen from five to eleven litres per head. | per capita | domestic, local, home It is important that the recovery be export-led rather than led by domestic consumption. Half the small crop was kept for home consumption. | foreign, world | household | individual, personal | mass | public | private | future households that save for future consumption | alcohol, beer, cigarette, food, meat, tobacco, water | electricity, energy, fuel, gas, oil, petrol, power

QUANT. level

VERB + CONSUMPTION boost, encourage, increase, stimulate Doctors say that children need to increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables. The industry faced a serious challenge in trying to stimulate consumption. | cut down, reduce You need to reduce your alcohol consumption.

CONSUMPTION + VERB go up, increase, rise | decline, decrease, fall, go down

CONSUMPTION + NOUN expenditure, spending | figures, levels | habits, patterns

PREP. for sb's ~ (= intended to be read or heard by sb) The documents were for the committee rather than for public consumption.

PHRASES fit/unfit for human consumption (= safe/not safe to be eaten) meat that is unfit for human consumption

You can also check other dicts: consumption (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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