contempt noun

1 lack of respect

ADJ. deep, utter, withering | cold, icy | healthy She'd developed what she considered a healthy contempt for authority. | barely/thinly disguised

VERB + CONTEMPT feel, have, hold sb/sth in He felt nothing but contempt for them. Politicians seem to be generally held in contempt by the police. | betray, demonstrate, display, show His remarks betray an utter contempt for the truth (= are completely false). | develop | regard sb/sth with, treat sb/sth with | deserve I shall treat that suggestion with the contempt it deserves.

PREP. ~ for He has a deep contempt for racists. | beneath ~ His treatment of his children is beneath contempt (= so bad it is not even worth feeling contempt for). | with ~ She looked at him with barely disguised contempt.

2 (also contempt of court) refusal to obey a court

ADJ. civil, criminal

VERB + CONTEMPT be held in She was held in contempt for refusing to testify.

PREP. in ~

You can also check other dicts: contempt (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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