contribute verb

1 give

ADV. enormously, generously, greatly, handsomely, heavily, substantially His research has contributed enormously to our understanding of this disease. Many people contributed generously to the appeal. | equally a situation where husband and wife contribute equally to the family budget | fully | financially

VERB + CONTRIBUTE be asked to, be encouraged to

PREP. to I would like to contribute to the church restoration fund. | towards The company contributed £50,000 towards training costs.

PHRASES have little/a lot/much to contribute (to sth) He had very little to contribute to the conversation.

2 help cause sth

ADV. greatly, largely, significantly, substantially Parental involvement contributes significantly to children's learning. | effectively | further | actively, directly Unemployment contributes directly to homelessness. | indirectly | undoubtedly | unwittingly

PREP. to Several factors might contribute to the development of the disease.

3 write for a newspaper, etc.

ADV. regularly a talented photographer who contributed regularly to ‘The Face’

PREP. to Students are encouraged to contribute articles to the university magazine.

You can also check other dicts: contribute (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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