conviction noun

1 for a crime

ADJ. earlier, previous | spent You are not obliged to acknowledge spent convictions. | successful | unsafe, wrongful The men's convictions were declared unsafe. | criminal | manslaughter, murder, etc.

VERB + CONVICTION have He has three previous criminal convictions. | lead to A reward is offered for information leading to the conviction of the attacker. | obtain, secure They need strong evidence to secure a conviction. | escape He believes that too many defendants are escaping conviction by claiming that they are insane. | appeal against He appealed against his conviction for murder. | overturn, quash | uphold

CONVICTION + NOUN rate The conviction rate for rape is extremely low.

PREP. on ~ an offence which carries, on conviction, a sentence of not more than five years' imprisonment | ~ against The appeal court overturned the conviction against her. | ~ for a conviction for murder

PHRASES the rate of conviction

2 belief/appearance of belief

ADJ. absolute, complete, total, unshakeable, utter | deep, deeply held, fervent, firm, fundamental, great, intense, passionate, real, strong It is the firm conviction of the governors that this child should not be admitted to the school. There was no great conviction in his voice. | growing | personal | inner | ideological, moral, political, religious | Catholic, Christian, etc.

VERB + CONVICTION have She had this absolute conviction that what she liked others would like. | share The ex-leaders share a deep conviction that their views on world matters are still vitally important. | express | shake Nothing could shake her conviction that ‘abroad’ was a dangerous place. | strengthen | carry Her explanation failed to carry conviction in the face of the facts. | lack Her arguments lacked conviction.

CONVICTION + NOUN politics The demise of consensus and the rise of conviction politics.

PREP. with/without ~ ‘Not true!’ she said with conviction. | ~ about He had a strong personal conviction about the power of the printed word.

PHRASES have the courage of your convictions (= to be brave enough to do what you feel to be right)

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