copy noun

1 document/work of art

ADJ. accurate, faithful, good | cheap, crude, poor It was not the original painting, but a crude copy. | carbon, duplicate, exact, facsimile, identical, perfect, true The twins were carbon copies of each other. It must be certified as a true copy of the original document. | draft, working | clean, fair | master, original, top Take a photocopy of the master copy. | additional, extra, further, spare | multiple The photocopier had been set for multiple copies. | modern | certified | photographic, photostat | back-up Remember to make back-up copies of all your disks. | hard, paper, printed (computing) You will need to supply a hard copy version of all files.

VERB + COPY make, print, run off, take I ran off a couple of copies of the letter. | attach, enclose, send I attach a copy of the report. Please find enclosed a copy of the draft document. | circulate, distribute, supply Copies of the article were circulated to members of the committee. | obtain, receive | keep Remember to keep copies of all your correspondence.

2 book/newspaper/tape, etc.

ADJ. additional, extra, further, spare | back, old I have a few back copies of the newspaper. | advance Advance copies of the book were sent out to reviewers. | review | complimentary, free Free copies of the leaflet are available from the Department of the Environment. | illegal, illicit, pirate/pirated, unauthorized | manuscript, printed, proof | bound, hardback, leather-bound, paperback, presentation The candidate must submit two bound copies of his or her thesis. | battered, tattered, well-thumbed my battered copy of Shakespeare's plays | perfect, pristine | personal Charles I's personal copy of the psalter | signed

VERB + COPY circulate, distribute | sign Author Bob Woodhouse will be signing copies of his new book.

COPY + VERB circulate Even with the new legislation pirate copies will circulate. | be available

3 written material

ADJ. good, great | advertising | editorial | knocking (informal) Knocking copy (= writing that just says how bad sb/sth is) is simply lazy journalism.

VERB + COPY edit, prepare, produce, write The subeditors prepare the reporters' copy for the paper. | make This will make great copy for the advertisement.

COPY + NOUN editor | date, deadline Copy date (= the date for handing in copy) for the next issue is 1 May.

copy verb

1 make a copy

ADV. illegally illegally copied software

PREP. from, onto Data can be copied from the computer onto floppy disks.

2 write sth down exactly

ADV. carefully, laboriously, painstakingly | down, out I copied down several phone numbers from the list. laboriously copying out an old manuscript

PREP. from, into She copied all the addresses into her address book. | off copying a recipe off the packet | onto He copied all the details from the brochure onto a piece of paper.

3 do the same as sb else

ADV. slavishly She slavishly copies the older girl's style.

PREP. from He's copied that mannerism from his brother. | off She was caught copying off another student.

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