cottage noun

ADJ. humble, little, small, tiny | charming, lovely, picturesque, pretty | country, rural | lonely | empty, unoccupied | derelict, run-down | half-timbered, thatched, thatch-roofed | detached, terraced | three-bed, three-bedroom, three-bedroomed, three-room, etc. | rented | farm, estate, tied (= owned by a farmer and rented to one of his/her workers) They lived in a tied cottage on the estate. | holiday, summer, weekend | retirement | guest They put us up in a guest cottage next to their house.

VERB + COTTAGE have, own It was her dream to have a little cottage in the country | live in, stay in We stayed in a cottage on a farm. | rent, take We rented a holiday cottage for a week. | let | buy | sell

COTTAGE + NOUN home | garden

PREP. in a/the ~

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