council noun

1 local government

ADJ. local | metropolitan, rural, urban | borough, city, community, county, district, municipal, parish, provincial, regional, town | elected

VERB + COUNCIL elect | control Many county councils are now controlled by the Conservatives. | apply to Students should apply to their local council for a grant.

COUNCIL + NOUN elections | member | meeting | chamber | tax

PREP. on a/the ~ She's on the borough council.

PHRASES a seat on a council Our party won the majority of seats on the city councils.

2 group chosen to give advice, money, etc.

ADJ. advisory, funding, research | arts, sports

VERB + COUNCIL create, establish, form, found, set up, start | apply to As a struggling young composer she applied to the Scottish Arts Council for a grant.

COUNCIL + VERB award sb sth, give sb sth In Britain, the Arts Council gives grants to theatres.


PREP. ~ for setting up a new council for the arts > Note at ORGANIZATION

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