craft noun

1 activity needing skill with your hands

ADJ. skilled Sheep shearing is a highly skilled craft. | ancient, traditional | country, local, rural

VERB + CRAFT practise The men practised various traditional crafts, such as carving toys out of bone.

CRAFT + NOUN activity, work | industry | worker | centre, exhibition, fair, shop, workshop | skill

PHRASES art and craft Subjects taught include art and craft, drama, languages and maths. | arts and crafts The gallery has major exhibitions of arts and crafts.

2 all the skills needed for an activity

VERB + CRAFT learn, master, perfect It took her years to perfect her craft.

PHRASES a master of your craft a carpenter who is a real master of his craft

3 boat

ADJ. small | assault, fishing, landing, patrol, pleasure, river, sailing

You can also check other dicts: craft (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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