crash noun

1 sudden loud noise

ADJ. almighty, deafening, great, loud, thunderous | distant | sickening, terrible There was a sickening crash as her head hit the ground.


PREP. with a ~ The plates fell to the floor with an almighty crash. | ~ of a distant crash of thunder

PHRASES a crash of thunder, the crash of the waves

2 car/plane, etc. accident

ADJ. horrific, major, serious a major air crash | fatal | head-on | high-speed | car, coach, helicopter, plane, train | air, motorway, rail, road

VERB + CRASH cause

CRASH + VERB happen, occur | involve sth a crash involving two cars and a lorry | kill sb | claim sth The crash claimed three lives.

CRASH + NOUN victim | site | landing | barrier

PREP. in a/the ~ He was killed in a train crash.

3 business failure

ADJ. financial | bank, property, stock market the stock market crash of 1987

PREP. ~ in a crash in share prices

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