crawl noun

1 very slow speed

ADJ. slow

PREP. at a ~ The traffic was moving at a slow crawl.

VERB + CRAWL be down to The traffic on the motorway was down to a crawl. | slow (down) to

2 swimming stroke > Note at STROKE

crawl verb

ADV. slowly | about, along, around/round, away, back, fowards, through We spent an hour crawling around on our hands and knees looking for the key.

VERB + CRAWL manage to As night fell, we managed to crawl back to our lines. | start to Has the baby started to crawl yet?

PREP. across, along, into, over, out of, under, up There's an insect crawling up your leg!

PHRASES crawl on (your) hands and knees

You can also check other dicts: crawl (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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