cross adj.

VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get I'm going to get very cross before long. | make sb It really makes me cross to see people dropping litter in the street.

ADV. extremely, really, very | a bit, quite, rather, slightly

PREP. about Are you still cross about me forgetting the flowers? | at She was very cross at the way she'd been treated. | for, with She was quite cross with him for being late.

cross noun

1 mark made by drawing one line across another

VERB + CROSS draw, put I've put a cross on the map to show where the hotel is.

2 Christian symbol

ADJ. gold, silver, stone, wooden She wore a gold cross on a chain around her neck. The grave was marked with a stone cross. | market, village, wayside

PREP. on the ~ a painting of Jesus Christ on the cross

PHRASES (make) the sign of the cross The priest blessed her, and made the sign of the cross over her.

3 in football or hockey

ADJ. deep, low, perfect

PREP. ~ by/from a deep cross from Beckham

cross verb

ADV. quickly, slowly | safely, successfully teaching children to cross the road safely | back, over Let's cross over now while the road is clear.

VERB + CROSS try to They were arrested trying to cross the border.

PREP. from, into They crossed from the States into Canada. | over We crossed over the river into Sweden. | to She crossed to the door.

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