damage noun

1 harm/injury

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, serious, severe, substantial, untold | minor, slight | extensive, widespread | irreparable, irreversible, lasting, long-term, permanent The incident did permanent damage to relations between the two countries. | criminal, malicious, wilful He was prosecuted for criminal damage to a vehicle. | accidental The insurance policy covers the building for accidental damage. | emotional, environmental, mechanical, psychological, structural | brain She suffered serious brain damage at birth.

VERB + DAMAGE cause, do, inflict The earthquake caused widespread damage to property. They inflicted severe psychological damage on their opponents. | suffer | repair | prevent

PREP. ~ by The palace suffered extensive damage by fire in 1825. | ~ from Crops are sprayed with chemicals to prevent damage from insects. | ~ to lasting damage to the environment

PHRASES the cost/value of the damage The cost of the damage is estimated at around $2 billion. | the extent of the damage At the moment it is difficult to assess the extent of the damage.

2 damages: money you can claim from sb

ADJ. heavy, substantial

VERB + DAMAGE incur, suffer damages incurred by the unfairly sacked workers | claim, seek, sue (sb) for He decided to sue the company for damages. | assess The court will assess the damages. | apportion, award (sb) | pay (sb) | obtain, receive, recover, win | be liable for, be liable in (law) If goods are lost in transit, the carrier will be liable for damages.

DAMAGE + NOUN action, claim A woman is to bring a civil damages action against the men she alleges murdered her son. | award

PREP. in ~ They are claiming £45 million in damages. | ~ for He received damages for personal injury. | ~ of She was awarded damages of £90,000.

PHRASES an action/a claim for damages The judge upheld her claim for damages against her former employer.

damage verb

ADV. badly, seriously, severely The building was badly damaged by fire. | slightly | irreparably, permanently She may have damaged her health irreparably.

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