date noun

1 particular day

ADJ. earlier, earliest She suggested an earlier date for the meeting. | later, latest | exact, firm, specific I can't give you specific dates. | provisional, tentative | unspecified | significant 7th May, 1999 was a very significant date in my life. | closing The closing date with Camilla on Friday night. | make We must make a date to have lunch. | keep She wanted to arrive in time to keep her date. | break, cancel He was late, and ended up breaking their dinner date.

PREP. on a ~ She's out on a date with her new boyfriend. | ~ with for applications is May 22. | expiry What's the expiry date on your credit card? | delivery | due The baby was born exactly on its due date. | birth | anniversary | sell-by This yogurt is past its sell-by date. | cut-off Historians disagree on the cut-off date for the medieval period. | commencement, completion The building was not finished by the completion date.

VERB + DATE agree (on), arrange, decide (on), fix, set Can we fix dates for the holiday? Has a date been fixed for the meeting?

PREP. after a/the ~ We cannot accept applications received after this date. | at a … ~ The election is scheduled to take place at an unspecified date in the autumn. | before a/the ~, by a/the ~ The building must be finished by the date agreed. | from a/the ~ The agreement runs from that date. | on a/the ~ I've got two meetings on that date. | ~ for We need to set a date for the wedding. | ~ of the date of the election

PHRASES the/your big date Joe's getting ready for his big date on 3rd March, when he gets married. | at a/some future date More money will be made available at some future date. | at a later date We can do that at a later date. | date of birth Please give your name, address and date of birth. | of recent date The foundations are Roman, but the rest of the building is of more recent date. | put a date on/to sth It's difficult to put a date on when this neighbourhood became fashionable. | today's date What's today's date?

2 appointment to meet sb socially

ADJ. dinner, lunch | blind (= a date with sb you have not met before) She met her husband on a blind date. | hot (= exciting) She had a hot date and wanted to look her best.

VERB + DATE have I've got a date

date verb

ADV. accurately, precisely It has not yet been possible to date the paintings accurately.

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