decision noun

ADJ. big, crucial, fateful, important, key, landmark (law), major, momentous It was a big decision to have to make. In a landmark decision, the court agreed to hear evidence from twenty years earlier. | difficult, hard, tough the difficult decision of whether to go to university or nurse her sick mother | firm We need a firm decision by Friday. | prompt, snap I had to make a snap decision about what to do with the money. | hasty, knee-jerk, rash | final, irreversible, irrevocable On Monday, the board of directors will meet to make their final decision. The decision is irreversible. | informed I need more facts before I can make an informed decision. | arbitrary | good, rational, right, sensible, wise | bad, poor, unwise, wrong | collective, joint, unanimous In the end, the decision to scrap the project was unanimous. | majority, split | court, government, etc. | investment, policy, etc.

VERB + DECISION arrive at, come to, make, reach, take Key decisions are always taken by the editor. | announce, give (sb) The committee will give us their decision tomorrow. | abide by The decision has been made, and we must all abide by it. | affirm, uphold The management committee upheld her decision to fire two of her staff. | reconsider | appeal against, challenge plans to challenge this decision in the High Court | overrule, overturn, quash, reverse Nobody has the authority to overrule his decision. | defer


PREP. ~ about/on a decision on her future > Special page at MEETING

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