decrease noun

ADJ. dramatic, large, sharp, significant There has been a sharp decrease in pollution since the law was introduced. | slight, small | gradual, progressive, steady | corresponding Fewer houses are available, but there is no corresponding decrease in demand.

VERB + DECREASE show This year's figures show a decrease of 30% on last year. | report Half the companies in the survey reported a decrease in sales. | cause, lead to, result in

PREP. on the ~ Marriage is still on the decrease. | ~ from … to … a decrease from 62% to just under half | ~ in The new treatment led to a huge decrease in the number of deaths. | ~ of a decrease of 20% | ~ to

decrease verb

ADV. considerably, dramatically, drastically, markedly, significantly | slightly Spending has decreased slightly this year. | rapidly | steadily | gradually

PREP. by Crime has decreased by 20 per cent. | from, to Average family size has decreased from five to three children. | with The number of quarrels among children decreases with age.

PHRASES decrease in number/size/value The heart gradually decreases in size.

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