defence noun

1 action to protect sb/sth from attack

ADJ. adequate, effective | natural the body's natural defence against viruses | national | air | civil | nuclear

VERB + DEFENCE organize, plan to plan the defence of harbour | come to, leap to, rush to, spring to He always sprang to Rose's defence when Ed tried to criticize her.

PREP. in ~ of to fight in defence of your country | ~ against defence against attacks from the north

PHRASES weapons of defence

2 sth that protects sb/sth from sth

ADJ. effective | coastal, sea

VERB + DEFENCE put up They put up an effective defence against the guerrilla forces. | overcome, overwhelm With her tears and angry accusations she completely overwhelmed his defences. | build (up) They are building up defences along the river. | breach The sea breached the coastal defences in a number of spots.

DEFENCE + NOUN mechanism

PREP. ~ against

3 forces, etc. for protecting a country

DEFENCE + NOUN force/forces, system | minister, ministry | policy, strategy | industry | budget, cuts, expenditure, spending

4 legal argument

ADJ. good | robust, spirited, strong | adequate | legal

VERB + DEFENCE conduct, make, mount, put up, raise | destroy

DEFENCE + NOUN counsel, lawyer

PREP. in sb's ~ She spoke in his defence. | ~ of, ~ to a defence to murder

PHRASES counsel for the defence

5 in sport

ADJ. good, strong, stubborn

VERB + DEFENCE put up | destroy | strengthen

PREP. in ~ to play in defence

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