deficit noun

ADJ. huge, large, massive, serious, substantial | small | net, overall | balance-of-payments, budget, budgetary, financial, fiscal, trade

VERB + DEFICIT face, have, run, show If the government didn't run such huge deficits, the country would not have financial problems. The trade balance shows a deficit of two million pounds. | go into, move into, run up, slip into to prevent the country moving into deficit The company has run up a deficit of £30,000. | cut, eliminate, make up, reduce, tackle, wipe out You cannot cut a budget deficit simply by raising taxes. We will find it hard to make up this deficit. | overcome, overturn United are hoping to overturn a two-goal deficit from the first leg. | finance, fund The government was forced to sell state-owned companies to fund the budget deficit.

DEFICIT + VERB run at sth a budget deficit running at 7% of GDP | grow, increase, rise, widen | decrease, fall, narrow, shrink

PREP. in ~ The UK remained in deficit with all countries outside the EU. | ~ with the US trade deficit with Japan

You can also check other dicts: deficit (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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