delay noun

ADJ. considerable, enormous, lengthy, long, major, serious, significant, substantial After a considerable delay, the government has agreed to accept the recommendations. | excessive, inordinate, undue, unnecessary Undue delays have been caused by people not doing their jobs properly. | inevitable, unavoidable | short, slight | unforeseen | frustrating | further | airport, flight, traffic, travel | time There is a five-minute time delay on the bank's safe.

QUANT. series After a series of lengthy delays, the case finally came to court.

VERB + DELAY be subject to Flights to New York may be subject to delay. | be plagued by, experience, face, suffer Passengers have experienced long delays. The project has been plagued by delays. | cause, lead to The strike has led to some delays in train services. | avoid, prevent, reduce Please address your letters properly so as to reduce delays. | apologize for I apologize for the delay in replying to you.

DELAY + VERB occur Travellers complained about lack of information when travel delays occurred.

PREP. without ~ Please send him the information without delay. | ~ in delays in getting to the airport | ~ of a delay of several weeks | ~ to further delays to the scheme

delay verb

ADV. seriously, significantly Mellanby's arrival was seriously delayed by a late train. These drugs can significantly delay the onset of the disease. | further | unduly | slightly, somewhat | inevitably, unavoidably | unaccountably | deliberately

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