demonstrator noun

ADJ. angry Angry demonstrators threw stones. | peaceful | anti-government, pro-democracy, etc.

QUANT. crowd, group Police opened fire on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators.

VERB + DEMONSTRATOR disperse Troops were brought in to disperse the demonstrators. | clash with, fire on, open fire on, use sth against Water cannon and tear gas were used against the demonstrators.

DEMONSTRATOR + VERB gather The demonstrators had gathered in the cathedral square. | march Demonstrators marched on the parliament building. | protest demonstrators protesting against the lack of housing | call for sth, demand sth demonstrators calling for the removal of the government | disperse The demonstrators dispersed when the soldiers arrived. | attack sb, clash with sb Demonstrators clashed with government soldiers in the country's ca | storm sth Demonstrators then tried to storm the police headquarters.

PHRASES clashes between police and demonstrators

You can also check other dicts: demonstrator (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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