desk noun

1 type of table

ADJ. big, enormous, high, huge, large, vast | leather-topped | antique | empty The empty desk suggested she had already gone home. | cluttered, untidy | writing | office, school

VERB + DESK sit at | get up from He got up from his desk and went to the window. | clear My desk gets very cluttered if I don't clear it at the end of each day. | arrive on, land on A very strange request landed on my desk this morning.

DESK + NOUN drawer | diary, lamp | job

PREP. at a/the ~ He was sitting at his desk working when we got home. | behind a/the ~ The manager sat frowning behind his desk throughout the whole interview. | on a/the ~ I left the file on your desk.

2 place in a building where a service is provided

ADJ. front, reception Leave your valuables at the reception desk. | cash, check-in, enquiry/enquiries, help, information, support She paid for the book at the cash desk. Staff experiencing problems with their computers should ring the help desk.

DESK + NOUN clerk

PREP. at the … ~ There was a long queue at the check-in desk. | on the … ~ We asked the man on the information desk for a map of the city.

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