diary noun

1 for appointments

ADJ. appointments, bookings, engagement, social | desk, pocket | electronic

VERB + DIARY have sth in I haven't got the meeting in my diary. | put sth in, write sth in Put it in your diary before you forget.

PREP. in a/your ~

2 for writing down what happens each day

ADJ. detailed | daily | personal, private, secret | field, gardening, travel He jotted down observations on the animals' habits in his field diary.

VERB + DIARY keep I starting keeping a diary when I was thirteen. | write sth in, note sth in, record sth in ‘It's all over,’ he wrote in his diary for April 21.

DIARY + NOUN entry

PREP. in a/your ~ I've made a note in my diary.

PHRASES an entry in a diary

You can also check other dicts: diary (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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