dig noun

1 hard push

ADJ. sharp

VERB + DIG give She gave him a sharp dig in the ribs. | feel, get

PHRASES a dig in the ribs

2 critical remark

ADJ. little | sly I resisted the temptation to get in a sly dig at Fred.

VERB + DIG get in, have, make

PREP. ~ about, ~ at They were having a little dig at her about the way she tells everybody else what to do.

3 in the ground

ADJ. archaeological

VERB + DIG go on I went on an archaeological dig over the summer.

DIG + VERB reveal sth The dig revealed the site of a Roman villa.

dig verb

ADV. deep We'll have to dig quite deep to get at the roots.

PREP. for digging for buried treasure | through digging through solid clay

You can also check other dicts: dig (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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