dimension noun

1 (often dimensions) measurements

ADJ. approximate | exact, precise It is important to measure the exact dimensions of the room. | overall | compact Despite the unit's compact dimensions, there's still plenty of room for expansion. | considerable a structure of considerable dimensions | fourth, second, third The fourth dimension, time, is also finite in extent. | physical, space/spatial, temporal/time | horizontal, vertical

VERB + DIMENSION check, measure Can we just check the dimensions of the bedroom again?

PHRASES in two/three dimensions a model in three dimensions

2 aspect

ADJ. added, additional, different, extra, further, new | distinct In looking at population ageing we will consider two distinct dimensions. | wider There is a wider dimension to the question. | crucial, essential, important, main, major, significant | global, international, local, national, regional Communication via the Internet gives an important international dimension to the project. | aesthetic, class, cultural, economic, ethical, historical, human, ideological, moral, personal, political, religious, social, spiritual

VERB + DIMENSION add, give (sth) Her illness adds an extra dimension to the problem. | have The affair had a different dimension now. | acquire, take on The crisis acquired a new dimension.

PREP. ~ to the spiritual dimension to our lives

You can also check other dicts: dimension (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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