directive noun

ADJ. clear Don't start anything without a clear directive from management. | general | important | draft, proposed | EU, European (Commission/Union), government, ministerial | policy, political | banking, environmental, etc.

VERB + DIRECTIVE issue The EU issued a new drinking water directive. | adopt, agree (on/upon), approve, sign | comply with, implement All companies must comply with the new directive. | block, oppose

DIRECTIVE + VERB come into force A new EU directive on maternity leave will come into force next month. | require sth The directive requires member states to designate sites of special scientific interest.

PREP. in accordance with a/the ~ They acted in accordance with the latest directive from Brussels. | in a/the ~ The proposals are contained in a European directive on wild birds. | under a/the ~ Private health services will be allowed under the directive. | ~ from a directive from the European Commission | ~ on a directive on data protection

PHRASES the provisions/terms of a directive

You can also check other dicts: directive (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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