disappointment noun

1 sadness because sth has not happened, etc.

ADJ. bitter, considerable, deep, great, intense, sharp | slight | obvious

VERB + DISAPPOINTMENT be aware of, feel He was aware of sharp disappointment and betrayal. She couldn't quite conceal the deep disappointment she felt. | express, voice | betray His voice betrayed his disappointment. | bite back, conceal, cover, hide, mask He bit back his disappointment. Her laugh covered her disappointment. | feign He feigned disappointment. Secretly, he was mightily relieved. | avoid To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book your holiday early. | be doomed to The scheme was doomed to disappointment. | share I know you will share our disappointment at the lack of progress on this issue.

DISAPPOINTMENT + VERB show He let his disappointment show. | grip sb, surge through sb Disappointment gripped her.

PREP. to your ~ To her disappointment, they didn't go through Oxford but skirted round it. | ~ at Paul couldn't hide his disappointment at not being asked to the party. | ~ over Campaigners have voiced disappointment over the government's decision.

PHRASES a feeling/sense of disappointment, tears of disappointment

2 sb/sth that is disappointing

ADJ. big, bitter, considerable, crushing, grave, great, huge, major, sad, serious, severe, terrible I'm afraid I was a sad disappointment to my mother. | slight | inevitable | personal

VERB + DISAPPOINTMENT have She's had a lot of disappointments in the past. | come as This news has come as a disappointment to local business leaders.

DISAPPOINTMENT + VERB come, follow sth His second disappointment came last year when he failed to get selected for the first team. | await sb A terrible disappointment awaited them.

PREP. ~ for The cancellation of the tour was a great disappointment for the many fans of the band. | ~ to It was a big disappointment to us when she left.

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