discontent noun

ADJ. general, widespread | growing, increasing | popular, public Public discontent with the economy remained at a high level. | political, social

VERB + DISCONTENT breed, cause, give rise to, lead to, provoke The higher tax provoked widespread discontent among the poor. | fuel Overcrowded conditions fuelled discontent and facilitated the spread of radical ideas. | feel the discontent that many people felt | seethe with The country was seething with discontent and the threat of revolution was real. | express, voice The peasants expressed their discontent. | stem The reforms failed to stem social discontent.

DISCONTENT + VERB grow, spread | simmer Discontent simmered and then came to a head with the nationalist protests. | come to a head

PREP. ~ among, ~ about/at/over discontent among students about the lack of funding for education | ~ with growing discontent with the government | ~ within There were reports of growing discontent within the army.

PHRASES a cause/source of discontent, murmurs/rumbles/rumblings of discontent

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